• Logo Design

Athena Data Technology offers auto-ID warehousing and inventory tracking solutions.

The team at Athena knew they wanted to incorporate Athena’s owl in their logo design. Initially, they had envisioned just the owl’s face, ideally with a camera for an eye. After many iterations, the final logo is an owl with a WiFi service indicator as a wing, and a steady branch to perch on.


Initial Exploration

Sometimes you need a few bad ideas to get to a good one.

And sometimes, you have to explore an idea that the client wants to see, even when you know it’s not going to work out. In this case, the detail required to incorporate a camera lens as an eye for the owl figure was going to look far too busy for a web-first logo.

The client decided to take my advice and omit the camera lens, but per the culture in Taiwan, it was important to give the owl eyes and a stable base to stand on.