I’m Kara 👋

I’m a highly-caffeinated, opinionated introvert. Slightly stubborn and as a result, incredibly persistent.

I’m that crazy person who geeks out over inconspicuous products that meet at the intersection of beauty and function. I’m always wondering how even the smallest interactions can be improved.

I’m a nationally-ranked Olympic Weightlifter, and I like to think I could achieve the same status as a professional donut-eater. Life is about balance, right?

I graduated from The University of British Columbia with a major in Mathematics and minors in Commerce and unofficially, Psychology.

I am fascinated by human behaviour, potential and performance. I’m passionate about people, equality, and our future on this planet.

I’d love to chat about your projects and how I can help. Say hi at hello@karalaudi.com

Never Without
  • Kinto Tumbler
  • Pilot G-TEC-C4 Pen
  • Moleskin Notebook
  • AirPods
  • Lipbalm

The way I tackle problems is largely inspired by Simon Sinek’s framework, The Golden Circle, but instead of starting with “why,” I start with “who.”

I think best with a pen and paper (or iPad and Apple Pencil) in hand, scribbling down ideas and filling my page with arrows to connect fleeting thoughts until they resemble something sensical.

I don’t believe that users always know what they want – they certainly can’t always articulate it. The hardest part of building products is understanding the root cause of a user’s pain.


I’m an expert with HTML, CSS, and pretty good with Javascript. I know enough PHP and React.js to get by. I can query databases, and clean data with Python and pandas. 

I research, scope requirements, flesh out customer journeys, wireframe, and create high-fidelity mockups using Figma.

As the startup story goes, I’ve picked up a fair amount of account management, marketing, and even recruiting skills along the way.